4:30am and a Photo of a Buffalo

It’s 4:30 in the morning.

I’ve been tossing and turning for a good hour now.

As I lie awake contemplating life (aka…surfing Facebook) I can’t help but think about my dreaded day ahead. I have to adjust my schedule to go in early for a morning meeting that I don’t want to be at.  I had to stay late the day before to finish reports that I won’t get credit for.

I feel a nudge.

I think to myself, maybe I should get up and write.

It’s 4:43 in the morning, what am I going to write about?

What about wanting to be a blogger?

Hmm…being a blogger would be cool.

I said to myself, I think photography kind of led you here. You have shot a lot of random things…babies, flowers, weddings, dogs, houses…buffaloes.

I ran down a road once to shoot a buffalo. I can still remember the excitement of finding it and capturing it.  Thank you sweet baby Jesus for not letting the buffalo chase me.

I’m up and my computer won’t start.   I find a blanket, shut my office door and turn on a light.  I pull the power cord and plug it back in.  Walla. (in my head that sounded much cooler)

So here I am. Typing.

There’s a magic blog that I love called Brave Girls Club. It happens to always show up in my newsfeed just at the right time.   This is what I read just before I got up:

Dear Terrific Girl,

Sometimes the things that are tugging at our hearts come with strings attached that feel too risky, too difficult, too scary to follow.

Sometimes we keep doing the same things day after day, even though we are treading AGAINST the water, even though we really want to be doing something else, even though we want to be somewhere else or with someone else, even though all signs point to a totally different direction.

You know what you are supposed to do, lovely…you know the answer. Your intuition has been telling you for SUCH a long time, and every day that goes by, the little messages keep getting stronger, the miracles keep showing up, the signs keep appearing….in ways that you cannot deny. 

It doesn’t matter if your path is not a common one. It doesn’t matter if some people will not understand…sometimes it doesn’t even matter whether YOU understand all of it.

What matters is that you follow YOUR heart…that you listen to YOUR soul….that you do what YOU are meant to do.

Now, get busy….you know what to do.

You are so very loved.



I haven’t seen you in a while Brave Girls, but you showed up at just the right time.

5:27am.  Dang it.  Time for some coffee. Found the photo of that buffalo, not a photo that I’m necessarily proud of but a memory I’ll keep forever.

<3 Kristina


PS.  I wrote this post almost a year ago to the day before I posted it, the feelings hold true and looking back now I can see that things are moving in a good direction and I’m almost there.  One more step in front of the last one…if you’re reading this, thank you for supporting my dreams.

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