If you can’t find your dream, create it…


Driving home from my dream job interview I had an overwhelming feeling that God was telling me that “the job was mine.”

A magical world of crafting bliss, I remember sitting in the room and listening to these people tell me what they loved about MY portfolio. Me?  You LOVE my work?


It was a whirlwind of a week, I had seen the opening, threw together my portfolio design, scrounged up photos, submitted my application, and scheduled an interview.  The interview was in another state which I just so happened to be traveling to in the next week.

Too good to be true!

A long 7 days later, I received the notification that I wasn’t the right candidate. Imagine my confusion.


“Ok, God, what was the lesson in THAT adventure?”

A room full of expert designers and crafters loved MY portfolio. And then I thought, “Why couldn’t the job STILL be mine?”

Welcome to my dream job, pull up a chair, grab yourself a cup of coffee, and let’s make somethin’



(Ps. Thank you God for showing me that I was meant for better things. And thank you to you who is reading this right now.  Thank you for being a part of my dream.)

Munchie and Company Bio Image


Munchie is the nickname for our sweet, sassy, beautiful daughter. The name is short for munchkin and is sometimes just shortened to Munch. She is full of life, curiosity, creativity and spunk. She is my inspiration.

Kristina is passionately dedicated to her family. She is Christian, creative, and curious; in pursuit of strengthening her faith while seeking her life passion and purpose. An award winning photographer, Kristina loves to laugh, overuses the clone-stamp, is terribly introverted, and loves to craft.