Gratitude Box – All the Things You are Thankful For

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My soul was broken.  The long hours of exhaustion and conflict at my day job had taken a toll.

My creativity bucket was empty.  

I needed to find a way to focus on the positive in my life rather than dwelling on the negative.

I forgot to be to focused and thankful for the things that are going right and the blessings we already have.

I wanted a simple project, one that could be a daily reminder of all the things we have to be thankful for.

I started with a shadow box.  I picked mine up at Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon.  The thing I liked about the shadow box was that there was a slot in one side and the back was removable.

I knew I wanted to customize the back board and put vinyl lettering on the front.

Thankful Box Munchie and Company

8×8 square memory box with removable back and slot in the top

The box I found was 8 inches by 8 inches.  I also picked up some scrapbook paper.  I chose a 12″ x 12″ sheet that matched my bedroom decor.  I pictured that I could put this little box on my night stand and be reminded of the things I was thankful for each morning when I woke up and at night when I went to bed.

Gratitude Box Munchie and Company

I used the paper insert to measure my paper, next time I’ll make it the full size of the back of the box.


I recommend making the paper the same size as the back of the box…lesson learned. Adhere with double sided tape or glue.

I already had a Silhouette vinyl starter kit, I knew I wanted to use white vinyl for the lettering on the front.

In Photoshop, I designed the lettering that I wanted on the front.  I decided that I just wanted the box to say “Thankful.”

Vinyl Cut File - Munchie and Company

This is the vinyl after being cut on the Cameo

Vinyl Cut File Munchie and Company

Apply transfer tape to the vinyl so that you can easily apply it to the box

After weeding, apply the transfer tape to the vinyl to remove it from its backing.


Applying the Cut Vinyl to the Box - Munchie and Company

Apply the vinyl letters where you want them, I centered them in the middle of my box. Gently rub so the vinyl adheres. Carefully pull off transfer tape.

Finished vinyl application. See cut file available in our Etsy shop

I also decided I would use tickets for the paper in the box.  Each ticket would be a unique thing I was thankful for.


I traced and cut my design using the Silhouette Cameo.  I love my little machine.  I also cut out the tickets.  I had designed an actual ticket, but I changed my mind because I didn’t want to print and cut that many tickets.  Instead, I traced the outside of the ticket and hand stamped the words for each ticket using wooden block stamps and a distress ink pad.  The design and cut files are available at our Etsy store

I loved taking my time and really meditating on the items that I was thankful for – letter by letter. 


Of course, my daughter wanted to stamp too.  We asked her what she was thankful about and let her stamp her own tickets while we helped spell out the words.  I asked my husband to stamp a few tickets too.  The fun thing was we both stamped the same things on our tickets.



When you start to add up, one by one, all the things you are thankful about, the things that cause you problems and drama start to diminish.

Thankful Gratitude Box Project

Find downloadable project files, including the Thankful Box project in our Etsy Store.

Happy Crafting!

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